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Summer Slowdown?

Dear Friends,

Before having kids, I thought it was absurd the amount of time parents spent running their kids to hockey, soccer and Irish Dance lessons. Now that schools out we’re getting settled into our summer routine. Chase has soccer 4-5 days a week and Elle has lacrosse 2-3 times per week.

Now, as a parent, I can’t imagine not having something going on every night because the alternative of having nothing to do is having kids who are “bored and just want a device.”

Many in the mortgage and real estate world are bored right now due to the market conditions. My daughter asked me the other day, why I seemed so busy when it was supposed to be slow:

I’m busy doing the things that will make me get busy when it is busy.

With higher rates and little housing inventory, we’ve had to be extra resourceful to find ways to help clients get into homes. Fortunately, most of the clients we have pre-approved this spring have gotten into new homes or are set to close. We have some buyers looking this summer too.

Each person is about as happy or as unhappy as they choose to be.

Happy 4th of July! Kristin and I are taking a quick trip to Italy to celebrate our 15-year anniversary of being engaged…the irony of getting engaged on Independence Day.

All the best,



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